Our family law service to you during Covid-19

Overnight our world has changed.  Enter Covid-19 and an unknown era which seems to escalate daily.  

Sadly the uncertainty, economic challenges and social isolation may place relationships under pressure.  Similarly, Covid-19 may present challenges for parenting arrangements.  

Many people are experiencing difficult and unfortunate ramifications of Covid-19 and we want to help.  In this environment, we are pleased to offer our first consultation free (of even up to two hours). 

We can discreetly answer your family law questions on a confidential basis.

While we have transitioned to working remotely, it remains business as usual here.  We can meet with you “virtually” (via various software platforms) and of course talk by telephone or email.

We can support you.  While the way we do it may have changed, we want you to know our goal remains exceptional service, always.  

If you need assistance, do give us a call and we will be here to help you.